On-going clustering activities: Raw materials from geothermal fluids: occurrence, enrichment, extraction

Within the collaborative framework of the Cluster Hub “Production of raw materials for batteries from European resources”, the LiCORNE consortium members had the opportunity to encounter another EU-funded initiative – CRM-geothermal project.

Coordinated by Katrin Kieling (GFZ Potsdam), the CRM-geothermal project shares a mission akin to LiCORNE’s – to alleviate Europe’s need of critical raw materials (CRMs), thus contributing to the energy and digital transition. Attending online, the project coordinator introduced the project’s concept, which focuses on innovative technologies that leverage the combined extraction of CRMs and energy from geothermal fluids. The coordinator emphasised various advantages of the combined heat/electricity extraction, including maximising returns of investment, avoiding additional land occupancy, minimising environmental impact often associated with mining activities.

A distinctive feature of CRM-geothermal is its contribution to the CRMs community through the establishment of the CRM-geothermal Fluid Atlas for Europe and East Africa. This initiative brings innovative aspects such as an AI-based Simulation Tool, utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to analyse extensive datasets collected over time.

Much like LiCORNE, CRM-geothermal sets a clear commitment to contribute to the domestic CRM supply chain, thus diminishing reliance on imported resources and mitigating risks tied to market and political instabilities. Additionally, it promotes more trustworthy and ethical supply chains for certain CRMs, balancing public resistance to raw material extraction – much needed due to the growing demand for these resources.

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