LevertonHELM is a Lithium chemicals producer based in the UK and founded in 1977. LevertonHELM is focused on the manufacturing of a wide range of inorganic Lithium chemicals with operations located in Basingstoke, UK. Next to that, the company is investing in setting up a large-scale refining plant for the production of battery grade Lithium products in Europe. Further on, LevertonHELM intends to participate in the Lithium supply chain by offering recycling solutions and toll manufacturing services for Lithium conversion and refining. The company’s senior management has a vast experience within the global Lithium industry.

Main tasks and responsibilities in the project: 

LevertonHELM will prepare a synthetic Li brine-like solution that will be supplied to our project partners.

We will Benchmark and qualify the Lithium, produced by the LiCORNE process, as battery grade material.

LevertonHELM will determine if the produced Lithium meets the specifications to be market-ready and can be used as such as raw material for cathode manufacturing.

In case the product doesn’t meet the specifications for cathode manufacturing, LevertonHELM will provide feedback towards optimization which could include extra purification steps at its facilities.